Research has shown that viruses similar to Covid-19
can survive on clothing and transmit to
other surfaces for up to 72 hours

Safe Passage Portals

This finding should be of significant concern to health care workers. Research has shown that three of the most common textiles used in healthcare pose a risk for transmitting the virus. If nurses and healthcare workers take their uniforms home, they could leave traces of the virus on other surfaces and even in the washer.

Safe Passage Portals can eliminate this exposure. As a person passes through the Safe Passage Portal for 5 seconds, the controlled misting covers 99.4 to 100% of a person from head to toe, safely killing dangerous viruses and bacteria, including COVID-19 on contact.

Safe Passage Portals protect people entering a building. But just as important, passing through a portal when exiting a structure prevents the spread of dangerous microbes from hitching a ride on you when you return home.

Features & Options

portal features  PORTAL FEATURES
Available in single, double, triple, quad and most any other configuration.
Safe Passage Portals are portable and easy to move and offer a sturdy brushed aluminum frame with an integrated side cabinet housing electrics, sanitation tanks, and pumps. Wheels, drip tray, removable non-slip flooring, internal overhead lights, and a simple LED light system instructs the user through the portal.
Thermal analysis control and  facial recognition screen THERMAL ANALYSIS CONTROL AND FACIAL RECOGNITION SCREEN
Fever-scan with digital detection module rapidly carries out body temperature checks and digital facial recognition for
complete access control. if necessary.
optional Vaccine  Information Scanner OPTIONAL VACCINE INFORMATION SCANNER
The portal is equipped to scan the two-dimensional Data Matrix barcode issued by the CDC to each recipient of the COVID-19 vaccine.  
This allows for limiting access if necessary.
Each side of the portal offers opportunities for creative branding and sponsorships, offering your brand high visibility to people waiting to enter, entering and passing by the portals. One side of the portal is a clear Perspex screen, allowing for full visibility and creative branding opportunities in etched style printing
A safe passage portal may be ordered with wheelchair accessible ramp and/or other features deisigned to help those most vulnerable to access the portal.


What is the Safe Passage Portal?
Safe Passage Portal is the only tested and verified personal protection gate which provides a whole-body sanitizing system. The product can reduce the transfer of COVID-19 and offers an additional line of defense for businesses, venues, schools, daycare and care facilities, providing staff and the general public with the reassurance and confidence they need to return to and return home from these facilities.

How does the Safe Passage Portal work?
It provides a passage for people to walk through – a little like an airport scanner – and uses controlled, odorless, dry-misting based on Triple Threat technology, a treated water-based solution that disables bacteria and viruses. In just five seconds, the dry-misting covers over 99% of a person’s exposed skin and clothes and shoes and disables 99.994 – 99.999% of viruses and bacteria.

What type of business and venues can benefit from using Safe Passage Portal?
The unpredictability of the coronavirus outbreak means we must be thorough in implementing a combination of control strategies that together can minimize transmission of the virus. These strategies protect your employees and customers, and also protects you and your business from negligence claims.

It proves to the public that you have implemented every procedure to keep them healthy.

Our sanitation portal has broad application in multiple environments as an extra line of defense. Any locations with high entry footfall, particularly in environments that have a high level of contact hotspots or where there are vulnerable people who need extra protection against coronavirus.

Care homes, building sites, retail outlets, schools, colleges, universities, hospitals and other healthcare facilities, offices, gyms, hotels, restaurants, pubs, museums, leisure attractions, cinemas and airports are all places that could benefit from extra protection against coronavirus.

The portal provides an additional line of defense for any business opening its doors to employees and the general public, safely. It also should be used for people exiting high contact areas, ensuring that they do not carry any dangerous virus into their homes to infect their loved ones.

Is the portal safe for children to enter?
Yes, children and also pets can safely use the Safe Passage Portal. The Hypochlorous mist is non-toxic and all natural and it occurs naturally in your body’s immune system.  In fact, it is used in hospitals as well as in eye surgery to fight infections and help healing.

What’s in Triple Threat and will it hurt my skin and eyes?
The main ingredient in Triple Threat dry-mist technology is Hypochlorous which is a substance naturally produced by our white blood cells and travels in our blood system fighting off infections and helping to heal wounds.

It provides a unique power to eradicate dangerous organisms while not causing harm to our cells, and is one of the only agents that is both benign to the delicate cells that heal wounds while being lethal to almost all known dangerous bacteria and viruses. It is 100x’s more effective than bleach at killing dangerous microbes.

Hypochlorous is non-toxic, environmentally benign, odorless, non-irritating, non-corrosive and can safely be used around children, plants and animals. In fact it is used on meats, fish and produce to stop bacteria growth and used daily in hospitals, dentist, dermatologist  and ophthalmologist offices

Can it affect my customers’ asthma?
Asthma affects the lower part of the lungs. Use of the tunnel has no respiratory effects, so people who suffer from asthma are completely safe. However, we would recommend that anyone with a pre-existing respiratory problem, wear a mask as they pass through the tunnel. This is also in line with the government’s advice about wearing face masks in public places.

What is the thermal analysis control system?
Fever Scan is a thermal analysis access control system. It gives an abnormal body temperature warning in the measurement range of 86F to 113C. It can send alert notifications to a computer or mobile via wireless connection and includes track and trace.

Does it deactivate coronavirus?
The Safe Passages Portal provides an additional line of defense and the antiviral solution used in the portal is proven to disable viruses and bacteria. Please note that Safe Passage does not prevent anyone who is already displaying COVID-19 symptoms from actively spreading the disease. However, the built-in Fever Scan will detect if someone has an abnormal reading and send an alert. However, it’s important that government guidelines on social distancing are adhered to and anyone displaying symptoms of coronavirus should self-isolate.

Does the sanitizer smell and will it make my clothes wet?
No, the sanitizer is virtually odorless and dry. Due to the mist micron size it is categorized as a ‘dry mist’.

Can wheelchair users pass through the Gateway tunnel?
The Portal comes with accessible ramps, however, these are not wheelchair compliant so assistance may be required. Wheelchair compliant ramps are available as an option

Are they value for money?
Absolutely. The Safe passage Portal provides an additional line of defense for businesses, and most importantly offers consumer confidence.They are also a valuable asset to protect businesses from liability lawsuits due to unsafe disinfecting practices.

What finance options are available?
Fnancing options are available as well as leasing.  Contact us.