The most effective and safe to use

disinfectant is available in a program that guarantees

100% Hypochlorous killing power in every application.

Hypochlorous has been call a miracle disinfectant. Its quick and powerful killing ability team with its 0 toxicity level earns the title of the most benign and effective disinfectant in the world. Why isn’t everyone using it?

Well, we do, everyday.  It’s naturally produced in our bodies, by our white blood cells, to fight infection. However, when Hypochlorous acid is replicated by electrolysis, its potency has a short life span. Until now.

Recent developments have extended it 100% effectivity to 30 days. That’s when Protek innovative and possibly life saving program kicks in, guaranteeing you that every container of Triple Threat Hypochlorous, on your shelf and available for use is at maximum killing level.  This is how it works:

TRIPLE THREAT'S Disinfecting and Sanitizing Program

TRIPLE THREAT'S Disinfecting and Sanitizing ProgramWhen it come to maintaining a safe germ free environment, one size does not fit all.

Each facility has different needs to ensure an ongoing proper disinfecting and sanitizing program that will keep their personnel and clients safe from exposure and ensure against any liability. This is based on size, the type of environment, area usage, traffic, type of application and frequency.

Protek will develop a custom blueprint for your facility to establish proper application and frequency. Your strategy will  be managed by Protek using a tracking program.  

This program monitors the amount of Triple Threat you use as recommended  by your blueprint to ensure a safe environment.  It also guarantees that you will always have a fresh supply of Triple Threat liquid at 100% effectivity delivered to you before you need it. Under managed inventory, old containers will be removed and appropriately  disposed of and removed.

Birth to Expiration Certificate

Every bottle of Triple Threat is labeled with a birth and expiration sticker. This information will ensure you that your bottle is at 100% effectivity. Towards the end of TRIPLE THREATs Hospital Disinfectant effectivity lifespan, as indicated on the label it will no longer be considered a hospital disinfectant, rather as a sanitizer, as it still maintains a high level of disinfecting but not high enough to be considered Hospital Level. Before this time, a fresh supply of TRIPLE THREAT will be delivered well in advance of expiration. Guaranteeing  you will always have optimum protection for your clients and employees.

TRIPLE THREAT’s “Game Changing” Tracking System protects your clients, employees and your business

TRIPLE THREAT Disinfecting and Sanitizing ProgramEvery one of us have become aware of how vulnerable we are to what we cannot see. This new norm has changed our lives and how  business is conducted. We have to diligent in ensuring the safety of our clients and employees.

It has also created an new environment of liability where businesses may be held responsible for negligence in  regard to the health of their customers and personnel.

Protek’s custom blueprint, Triple Threat birth and expiration labeling on each container, automatic delivery program and software tracking system provides proof of disinfecting applications on a daily basis.  And, if your company is accused of being negligent, ProTek’s lawyers and technicians will review your shipment and usage history as well as applications and provide you with all the documentation needed to prove that your company acted in the best health interest of their clients and employees.

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