Prolonged exposure to commercial disinfectants
can damage your health and even kill you.

Todays world has become, in many cases, compulsively aware of germs. The market for disinfectants is booming with cleaning products literally flying off the shelves. But the scary truth is that breathing in these nicely packaged chemicals might make it a lot more difficult to breathe at all and could kill you.

Studies have revealed a clear link between toxic cleaning products irritating mucus membranes in the airways, surpwhich with repeated long-term exposure resulted in lasting negative changes to the airways themselves as well as asthma, COPD, emphysema and cancer. Notrisingly, professional cleaners suffered the most, incurring as much lung damage as would be expected in someone smoking over a pack of cigarettes every day.

Unfortunately, toxic cleaning products aren’t just tough on your respiratory function—they kill probiotic organisms (good bacteria) along with the bad bacteria. Some of these ingredients, such as paragons, quaternary ammonium compounds (QUATS), chlorine bleach, Triclosan, and triclocarban, are absorbed through the skin and once inside your body, they may upset your delicate microbial balance. In fact it has been shown that these dangerous ingredients get into breast milk as well as cause birth defects.

In fact common ingredients found in common multipurpose cleaners and disinfectants can irritate eyes, skin, throat and lungs, and interfere with the health and/or function of your red blood cells, kidney, hormones, liver, nervous system, reproductive system, DNA cellular and endocrine system as well as GI discomfort and challenges with equilibrium. These obvious negative health effects an unanticipated impact with repetitive use on employees or clients could become costly to a company; increases sick days, disability claims, and even employee lawsuits.

Chemicals from disinfectants can enter the environment from many different sources such as landfills, incinerators, tanks, drums, or factories. These chemicals can move through air, soil, and water. They can also be on plants or animals, and can get into the air we breathe, the food we eat and the water we drink.

TRIPLE THREAT: Not Dangerous to your body or the environment

Hypochlorous (HOCI), the active ingredient in TRIPLE THREAT, is a substance naturally produced in our bodies by our white blood cell. HOCl provides a unique power to eradicate dangerous organisms while not causing harm to our cells, and is one of the only agents that is both benign to the delicate cells that heal wounds while being lethal to almost all known dangerous bacteria and viruses.

Hypochlorous, the active ingredient in TRIPLE THREAT, is also Electrolyzed water which is made when electricity is used to change the chemical structure of salt water into a “green cleaner ” that is more effective than bleach but not toxic like ammonia chloride and other commercial disinfectants.  Since Hypochlorous is a natural substance, it contains no harmful chemicals, vapors or residues.  In fact TRIPLE THREAT has a O Toxicity rating. It is safe to use around children, animals, plants and fish 24/7!

TRIPLE THREAT eliminates the evolution of "Super Bugs"

As effective as commercial cleaners can be, the way they kill bacteria and viruses repetitive exposure can lead to “microbes on steroids!”  That is, resistant to antibiotics and antimicrobials. These Superbugs have room to reproduce, are difficult to kill, and when their numbers grow large enough will impact your health and existing medications may prove completely ineffective.

The manner in which TRIPLE THREAT's only ingredient Hypochlorous attracts and kills microbes does not allow them to replicate or become disinfectant resistant.